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It isn’t always practical to simply erase data on any one of the many devices we use in our places of work, entertainment, and residence.

Sometimes it’s important to think further into the future and the implications of being careless with sensitive or personal user information, patient records or intellectual property.

Universal Waste Disposal embraces innovation and new ways of improving services for our clients, but also the environment, our communities and families.

Although outdated guidelines still suggest brute force an acceptable form of destruction, and in the past we have used this method, if anything for the pure fun of it.

But gladly now we have a 600 lb hard-drive shredder that can handle all of our clients data destruction needs.

“But I only have 2 or 3 hard-drives at most on old computers…”

We’re so happy to be plugged into modern society and we use technology to make life better for everyone.

So we thought, “Hey! What if we created our own mail-back program?..”, and so Black Belt Data Destruction was born.