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Universal Waste Disposal Company

Fluoresent Light Bulb Disposal

When it comes to fluorescent bulb disposal or any Universal Waste for that matter, Universal Waste Disposal Co. is San Diego's number one choice. FAST EASY AND RELIABLE! Universal Waste Disposal will do whatever it takes to provide our customers with the most convenient and cost effective solution for fluorescent bulb disposal.

The company was formed to take advantage of the perceived weakness and inadequacies of other regional companies in terms of customer convenience and pricing. Our mission for Universal Waste Disposal is that we can provide our customers with the most convenient bulb and Universal Waste disposal service out there, no questions asked.

We are just a phone call away. Simply call to schedule a pick up time and one of our staff members will show up at your location to haul away any of these items. Or stop by our warehouse location to drop off your bulbs, batteries, ballasts, or lighting fixtures.

We guarantee that all of the Universal Waste that we dispose of is safely transported to a licensed destination facility for proper disposal and can provide you with a certificate of recycling and disposal.

The Law of Fluorescent Light Bulb Disposal

Over the past few years there has been a lot of awareness brought upon environmental issues, especially here in the State of California. This heightened awareness has brought about more strictly enforced rules and regulations pertaining to environmental issues. Businesses are being forced into recycling and proper disposal of any hazardous wastes that are being disposed of. Finding a convenient and reasonably priced disposal service is close to impossible. This is our purpose at Universal Waste Disposal, to provide a convenient and cost effective solution to bulb disposal.

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